An atheistic misunderstanding: Is Google God?

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An atheist suggested that I visit the following page:

This is one of the examples that show us how atheists misunderstand the truth of God, and thus they go on to fight against their wrong definition of “God”.

Although this page doesn’t even need to be refuted, because it is obvious that Google is not God, but let’s take each point on that page and see how much it is wrong, as that will help in showing the error in the definition of the atheists for the word “God”.

Proof #1

This proof already admits that Google is the closest to omniscient => not omniscient. As the true God is Omniscient, and not just the closest to omniscient, then this point has already disproved the hypothesis of the author of this page. But I will also add this: Google is not even close to omniscient. As the proof #1 itself says, Google indexes pages on the web, and the web is far from being the whole world, much farther from being the whole universe.  And even on this web, Google doesn’t know everything, as proof #1 admits.

Proof #2

Google is not omnipresent at all. People in the dark places of Amazon and Africa do not have access to internet, and there is no Google in the deep oceans, and even in my house, there is no Google outside my computer.

Proof #3

This is a clear misunderstanding of what prayer is. Let’s just ask some challenging questions:

– Can Google answer your prayers when you ask for eternal life? Can Google give you eternal life? We will see that Google itself is not eternal.

– Can Google give you your daily bread?

– Can Google forgive you your sins?

– Can Google even give you a laptop so that you may reach Google on internet?

Proof #4

Google is part of this creation, and this creation is not infinite. Read these interesting things, and concentrate on the part about the laws of thermodynamics.

So a day will come when the whole universe as we have it now, including the internet and including Google, will not exist anymore.

Proof #5

This point has already been refuted in our answer to proof #4. A day will come when Google will not exist anymore, so how will it grow then?

Proof #6

This point also has already been refuted in our answers to proof #4 and #5.

Proof #7

You can do a search on Google for pornography. So Google may do evil; it gives you bad things.

Proof #8

This point has already been refuted in our answer to proof #3.

Proof #9

As Google exists, so it is evident that someone made Google, so it is made and it is not the Creator of everything. For more information about who made Google, you can go here and find out the names of the HUMANS who made it. Before 1996 there was no Google, but there were humans. And humans were created by GOD who obviously is not Google.

For a detailed practical definition of the true God, please read the following article: What is the evidence for God’s existence?

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