Swine flu

Swine flu no worse than regular flu – on CNN

The swine flu has recently caused a worldwide hysteria! We have seen on TV people in different countries wearing those masks, hoping that this will defend them from the virus; worried people have flooded the hospitals after getting a simple flu or having a runny nose or a simple cough or a sore throat or… they even have just eaten pork a week ago… And the hysteria goes on, and people are worried about their physical health. And yet, as the article to which I linked above says, a simple seasonal flu may be more dangerous than the swine flu…

The flu appeared to be epidemic. The media is talking about it a lot. People are afraid of it and don’t want to die… They don’t know the details about this new virus… All these and similar reasons caused the hysteria. And yet, as the article mentions, the simple seasonal flu results in “hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations” and roughly 35,000 fatalities each year in the United States…

People do not want to get physically sick. People do not want to physically die… And yet, there is a sickness much worse and much more dangerous than any physical sickness, and the majority do not care about it: it is sin. And guess what: sin is a sickness that all humans have for sure, and it has a cure that surely saves any human from it and from its result.

In the Word of God, the Bible, sin is the spiritual swine sickness. It causes the spiritual death of 100% of sinners who are not cured:

“For the wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23)

And yet the cure is available; it is the blood of Jesus Christ. It is given by God as a gift for free, and it CERTAINLY cures from sin and from eternal death in Hell:

“the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 6:23)

And yet, people do not care about it…

“how will we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?” (Hebrews 2:3)

Dear friend, please do not neglect the Salvation of your soul. Read this article for more details.

Grace be with you!
Disciple of Jesus Christ

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  1. Christservant says:

    I thank the Lord for you, dear brother, for this very useful post. May the Lord give you to continue working in His field with zeal and strength, glorifying Him at all times.

    Dear readers, do you care about your eternal life? Do you want to be saved? If so, please read and meditate on the following verses and may the Lord use them to reconcile you with Him:

    “He is the STONE WHICH WAS REJECTED by you, THE BUILDERS, {but} WHICH BECAME THE CHIEF CORNER {stone.} (Acts 4:11)

    “And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)

    As you can see, there is salvation in no one else but the Lord Jesus.

    Dear friend, are you ready to repent and ask Jesus to be your personal Lord and Savior?

    Sincerely and from the core of your heart, thank Him for the sacrifice He made for you on the Calvary Cross. Ask Him to forgive you for all of your past sins. Tell Him that you repent of these actions, and with His help, you will change and not repeat them again. Tell Him that you know you are not worthy but, you willingly accept Him as your Lord and your Savior, and thank Him for His gracious gift and abundant blessings.

    When you have done so, dear friend, please share the news with us by replying to this post so we may rejoice with you now that you are born from above.

    Love in Christ,


  2. Peace of the Lord be with you!

    Dear readers.

    I received a comment in regards to the Swine Flu article stating the following:

    “I do believe that our sin is great and it is through Jesus Christ that we are redeemed. Christ forgives my sins.
    This article does not draw me closer to God by stating strongly that we are great sinners and we need to turn to God. I know this and look for readings that help me draw closer to God and live out the precious life that he’s given me to benefit the kingdom of God.
    PS it is quite common in Japan for people to wear mouth masks even during seasonal changes when allergies bother people. They do this particularly on the trains.”

    Friends, I encourage every one who reads this reply to please post their honest comments.

    May the Lord bless you all,


  3. Peace be with you!

    Dear Christservant, I see in this comment that you received some very interesting points that show the state of the biblical teaching in the local churches today… Today, when you tell people about faith and repentance, they see them as something positional. In other terms, many Christians think that Salvation is only its past aspect which is justification, and that this justification comes by a head-agreement with the truths of the Bible. Which is totally wrong. If we follow this wrong understanding of faith and repentance, we will try to be sanctified with something else than faith and repentance, and we will thus put the cross behind us. That’s why the Apostle Paul warns the Galatians and says:

    “This is the only thing I want to find out from you: did you receive the Spirit by the works of the Law, or by hearing with faith?
    Are you so foolish? Having begun by the Spirit, are you now being perfected by the flesh?”
    (Galatians 3:2-3)

    Many Christians begin with Christ in the wrong way: they think that repentance or faith is something they will try to invent in their hearts, and thus they don’t truly receive the Grace of God. And therefore, they then begin to try to be sanctified by the flesh, as those Galatians were trying to do. This means that they separate the truth of Sanctification from the truth of the new birth and Justification and conversion.

    Did you know that it is not enough to believe that our sin is great and that it is through Jesus Christ that we are redeemed? Now, I am sure that if an easy-believist reads this question, he will automatically conclude that I don’t believe the Bible or that I am a Roman Catholic… Well, Jesus and His Apostles NEVER said that believing that our sin is great and that it is through Jesus Christ that we are redeemed is enough for Salvation. You read this NOWHERE in the Bible. And it is a very wrong assumption. The Bible is clear that Salvation is NOT by faith alone. The Bible is clear that Salvation is by Grace alone through LIVING faith alone in Christ alone. And this is what I will explain in more details in the coming lines.

    It is not enough that you have a head-belief that you are a great sinner. Judas Iscariot realized how big was his sin, but he was not saved. The Pharaoh of Egypt also realized how much a great sinner he was:

    “Then Pharaoh sent for Moses and Aaron, and said to them, “I have sinned this time; the LORD is the righteous one, and I and my people are the wicked ones.” (Exodus 9:27)

    “Then Pharaoh hurriedly called for Moses and Aaron, and he said, “I have sinned against the LORD your God and against you.
    “Now therefore, please forgive my sin only this once, and make supplication to the LORD your God, that He would only remove this death from me.””
    (Exodus 10:16-17)

    In these passages, we see that the Pharaoh realized that his sin was great and that God forgives his sin! But was he saved? No. Why? Because he didn’t really receive the Salvation of the Lord, but he just wanted to be saved from the consequences of his sin. So he was asking for the forgiveness of God in order to abuse that forgiveness and the kindness of God to use them for his ease.

    And this is exactly what happens with those who only have a head-belief in Christ. They come to him to have forgiveness of their sins in order to be saved from the consequences of their sins, but they don’t want to hear about their sins when it comes to their Sanctification. They simply separate their walk with Christ from their experience of Salvation, as if their Sanctification will not happen by faith, by the Spirit, but by the flesh. So such believers don’t like such articles that tell them about the true nature of saving faith. They prefer if you forget about sin and begin to tell them how to be sanctified now that they are not guilty anymore and they are saved from the consequences of their sins…

    Let me quote that comment:

    I know this and look for readings that help me draw closer to God and live out the precious life that he’s given me to benefit the kingdom of God.

    There is no way to be closer to God and to live the precious life that He’s given you if there is a non-confessed sin. Sanctification by faith means that we will walk in communion with the Lord, and He will show us more and more how much there is nothing good in us, and we will keep confessing our sinfulness to Him and thus walk in repentance. This is what real Sanctification is. It is to walk in Christ JUST AS we received Him:

    “Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him (Colossians 2:6)

    So I tell the one who sent the comment: the Gospel is not only for unbelievers. The Gospel is for the believer, too. What is said in this article is very important for your walk with Christ. So don’t think or imagine about any way to be closer to God other than repentance. It is to be in constant relationship with Christ, walking in His light, in humility, so that He may show you how in you, in your flesh, nothing good dwells, and that all what you have is from His Grace (read Romans 7:18, 25). You must realize that you are not better than those tax collectors… This article is written for sinners, and beware in case you consider it as useful for tax collectors but not for you. Jesus didn’t come to call the righteous, but sinners, so be careful (see Luke 5:32). Do you mean that you don’t need to be called to repentance as you are not a sinner?… Think well, please.

    P.S.: If people in Japan use mouth masks commonly, that doesn’t mean that swine flu had not caused a hysterical fear. So that comment was irrelevant. On the contrary, it also shows that people are afraid from allergies and take the needed precautions, while they don’t even care about their eternal life and the spiritual sickness which is sin.

    Grace be with you!
    Disciple of Jesus Christ

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