Paul Washer Open Air Preaching in Lima

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One Response to Paul Washer Open Air Preaching in Lima

  1. WOW!

    May the Lord give us more of such preachers!!!

    In this youtube video, Paul Washer reminds me of how Peter stood in the place of Jerusalem, and raising his voice, he announced the Gospel to all who lived in Jerusalem.

    This world certainly needs more of such godly men who work zealously for the Lord’s glory, and who are not ashamed of proclaiming His Good News at every opportunity presented to them.

    We find many people standing in the middle of the place of a town or village, yelling their lungth out about superficial matters, but what Paul Washer has done, is rarely seen.

    Thank the Lord for this internet tool that allows us to share with everyone such useful videos.
    May more and more people use the internet for fruitful matters, instead of using it to waste their time.

    God’s blessings be upon everyone,

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