“Ida”: The missing link at last??

You must have noticed recently that Google has made a new logo to its search page; see it here. Well, that logo presents a picture of a new fossil that evolutionists suppose to be the “missing link” in their imaginary human evolution.

Time after time, all found fossils have given a strong evidence for the biblical creation model and for the Flood that happened in the days of Noah. And yet, as evolutionists have their own anti-science way of interpreting the data that they find, they keep insisting that fossils are a proof for evolution, and then they wonder why there are no proofs for the Flood… They forget that they got the proof, which is the fossils, and they explained it away by making it a supposed proof for evolution, and yet without any scientific basis for that conclusion.

Now, all the characteristics of the fossils prove the catastrophic Flood, as we will see later in this article. But as the evolutionist dreamers claim that those fossils prove evolution, so the most simple thing that one may ask them to find is a transitional form of fossil from one kind of animals to another, so that we may see that there was an evolution from one kind to another. Since the days of Darwin, who took the ancient Greek philosophy of evolution and introduced it to science without any scientific proof, evolutionists are looking for that missing link or transitional fossil, without any success. Each time they discover a new fossil, they make a big propaganda in the media, claiming that a transitional fossil was found, and the next day that claim is contradicted even by other evolutionists who are more honest in their scientific research!

So recently they found this fossil that they called Darwinius masillae (in honor of Charles Darwin)… One of them called it “Ida” after his daughter… And once again, a large propaganda is being made now in media to tell people that scientists have finally found the missing link. If you go to youtube and make a search, you will find numerous videos about this famous fossil. If you read scientific papers, you will see how evolutionists are forcing this fossil to be a transitional form, although it is not. The evolutionists are making every effort to promote this fossil “Ida” as the missing link; and through this, they are promoting an upcoming documentary and a new book titled The Link. This documentary will air on the History Channel in the U.S. (as The Link) on 25 May at 9 p.m. It will air on BBC One in the UK (as Uncovering Our Earliest Ancestor: The Link) on Tuesday the 26th of May at 9 p.m. Filmmaker Atlantic Productions also launched a website to promote the discovery, revealingthelink.com. And as usual all of this is used to brainwash people to believe that indeed they have found the missing link and that the evolutionary dream is a fact, and yet it is not.

Watch for example this video:

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Did you see any scientific proof in this video that this fossil is a transitional form? No. All is suppositions and assumptions. And at the end, they reveal their real purpose: opposing God.

Well, the first thing to notice here is the dishonesty of evolutionists. Many times they have brought some fossils and told us that this is the missing link. After that, it was proven that they were not the missing link, and their fossils failed to qualify. But they kept insisting that they are! They even made many hoax “missing links”!! Now they make a big case of this fossil, and they claim that the missing link is finally found! Sky News reports, “Researchers say proof of this transitional species finally confirms Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution”, while Attenborough commented that the missing link “is no longer missing.” If the missing link is finally found, then what were all the previous imaginary “missing links”?? Were they just the fruits of their dishonesty? Then why did they keep insisting that they were the missing links? And now this new fossil also is not the missing link. So what will they do tomorrow if they find another new fossil? Will they say again that they finally found the missing link?? This is a big dishonesty, very characteristic of someone who has an agenda and therefore wants all the data to say what he wants it to say. But, of course, the evolutionists then defend themselves by saying that this one is the biggest discovery, and the previous were less important transitional forms…

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This well-preserved fossil “Ida” is 95 percent complete, including fossilized fur and more. It has almost the size of a raccoon and has a long tail. It resembles the skeleton of a lemur (a small, tailed, tree-climbing primate). The fossil does not resemble a human skeleton. Its appearance is far from chimpanzee, let alone “apeman” or human. And “Ida” has opposable thumbs, just as lemurs have opposable thumbs like all primates. Again, “Ida” has nails just like all primates. And the talus bone is said to have “the same shape as in humans,” although there are other differences in the ankle structure. With these facts, we see that this fossil cannot be considered a missing link. And yet, evolutionists insist that it is, as they have an agenda… Now, as I said above, just as all previous imaginary “missing links” were proven to be non-missing proofs for the Flood and a clear proof against evolutionism, this fossil also comes to be added to them. Just as evolutionists kept singing the praises of those previous “missing links” and then were opposed even by their friend evolutionists, in the case of this fossil also their friend evolutionists oppose them. Read the criticism that other evolutionists have made of the “missing link” claims and the science behind them. Chris Beard, a curator of vertebrate paleontology at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh said: “It’s not a missing link, it’s not even a terribly close relative to monkeys, apes and humans, which is the point they’re trying to make“.

Just like all the fossils that were found before it, this “Ida” fossil once again came to prove the Flood and relatively recent creation. The fossil is described as “so well preserved that some of its soft tissues such as skin and even its stomach contents can be examined.” Team member Jørn Hurum of the University of Oslo said, “This fossil is so complete. Everything’s there. It’s unheard of in the primate record at all. You have to get to human burial to see something that’s this complete.” That suggests both rapid burial and fossilization, and a fossil age on the order of thousands of years, not millions. That is really clear! It proves that a worldwide catastrophic Flood happened, just as the Bible says. And guess what! “Ida” was found with “hundreds of well-preserved specimens.” (See this) All those are proofs of a relatively recent creation and of the Flood!! And yet, evolutionists once again explain away this evidence for the Flood with their dreams about millions of years. They say the fossil is 47 million years old… And yet they have no scientific proof for that age, as usual. Furthermore, the similarities between two kinds of animals do not prove evolution, as long as we don’t have an increase in the information on the genome. On the contrary, the similarities prove design in creation, just as the Bible says. We see ONE Designer behind the same style of design. So one needs to have an evolutionist assumption to suppose that this similar design means evolution. And as evolutionists do have this assumption, so in order to force this fossil, or any previously found fossil, to be the wished “transitional form”, they give the greatest attention to the slightest similarities while they ignore the major differences.

So what does this newly revealed fossil prove?

1. It proves that evolutionists are dishonest, as they have an agenda.

2. That this fossil is not 47 million years old, as it was well preserved. Now, of course, evolutionists will try to find a justification for this preservation, instead of seeing in it the fact that this fossil is not old. And this is what the evolutionist assumption is all about…

3. That a catastrophic Flood happened, just as the Bible says, and that animals were buried rapidly and were fossilized.

4. As the fossil is similar to a modern lemur, it seems to be a small, tailed, probably tree-climbing, and now extinct primate, from a kind created on the 6th day of creation.

And still, the imaginary transitional fossil is missing, and yet the evolutionists still dream of an evolution…

Grace be with you!
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