NOT under law, BUT under grace

“For sin shall not be master over you, for you are not under law but under grace.” (Romans 6:14)

Do any of the following sins have dominion over us? Anger, complaining, covetousness, pride, laziness, etc…

If sin has dominion over us, we should seriously ask ourselves if we are really converted. Those who are Christ’s will not allow sin to reign in their bodies.

It is only when we are resurrected in glory that sin will not be present in us. But the Word of God does promise that sin will not have dominion over us because of the great work Jesus did in us when we were born again.

God’s law is good, holy and righteous. However, He doesn’t condemn us under the dominion of sin – He has set us free in Jesus. God’s purpose in giving the law was to expose His utter Holiness. This is an encouragement for the Christian struggling against sin.

Justification and redemption cannot be obtained on the ground of the law, but only by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and His atoning blood.

We’ve been freed from being servants of sin. Now that we’re free from the bondage of sin and are under grace, it doesn’t make sense to sin. Instead, we can yield ourselves to God as His instruments for righteousness.

Let’s not overlook the fact that today’s verse speaks of the practical life of faith. It stresses that the Christian is not under the law. Grace alone can give the Christian a life free from the power of sin and in harmony with God.

The sign that we have truly received the grace of God and are subjects of His Kingdom is that we honestly and practically seek to obey the commands of the Lord Jesus Christ out of love for the Saviour and not legalism.

The law clearly defined God’s standard, and shows us where we fall short of it. But it cannot give the freedom from sin that grace provides. Remember that grace reigns through righteousness and provides the freedom and the power to overcome sin.

This shows again that a life lived truly under grace will be a righteous life. Grace is never a license to sin. May it never be!

This is another way to describe the radical change in the life of someone who is born again. For the Jewish person of Paul’s day, living life under law was everything; the law was the way to God’s approval and eternal life. Now, Paul shows that in light of the New Covenant, we are not under law but under grace. His work in our life has changed everything.

The reason we don’t just continue in habitual sin so that grace may abound is because when we are saved, when our sins are forgiven and God’s grace is extended to us, we are radically changed. The old man is dead, and the new man lives.

It is utterly incompatible for a new creation in Jesus to be comfortable in habitual sin.

The changes may not come all at once, but they will be there and they will be real and they will be increasing as time goes on.

God changes us as we receive His grace; He sets us free and equips us to live righteously before Him. Since we have died to sin, it is unthinkable that we could continue our former practice of sin.

Thanks be to God for His Amazing Grace, Amen!

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