“It is appointed for men to die once…” – Michael Jackson is dead

(CNN) — Michael Jackson, the show-stopping singer whose best-selling albums — including “Off the Wall,” “Thriller” and “Bad” — and electrifying stage presence made him one of the most popular artists of all time, died Thursday, CNN has confirmed.

Source: Michael Jackson, pop music legend, dead at 50

The singer and dancer and pop star, Michael Jackson, is dead. A man loved by many and praised by many, who had “all the riches of the world”, who had a lifestyle that many would die for. A man of fame, whose death will be mourned by many all over the world for a very long time, just like it was in the case of Elvis. Yet, despite the riches he had and the praises he got from many, he was still a mere man, a man who experienced death, as every one of us still alive has yet to experience. And not just that: we are all, without exception, destined to face judgment. For the Bible says in Hebrews 9:27:

“Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment.”

This is not the end, friends; it is the end of worldly fame and hopes, but as the Word of God says: “the dust will return to the earth as it was, and the spirit will return to God who gave it.” (Ecclesiastes 12:7) Michael Jackson who was and will surely be a god for many, is now before God who alone has the authority to Judge the living and the dead according to their deeds. But after death it’s too late for repentance; today is the day you need to repent from your sins through Jesus Christ so that you may be saved. This man, Michael Jackson, lived a life that could be considered to be more pleasurable than many have lived. But his life is gone. It was nothing but a breath of air on a cold day now passed.; his lifestyle gives evidence that he lived and left without God… And this is exactly what your life will be like eventually. No riches, no human glory, no praises from men, can save you from the punishment for all the sins you have committed.

Matthew 16:26 says:

“What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?”

The only way to be saved is through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ alone saves.

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  1. Peace to you!

    People want to avoid the fact that they will stand before the Holy God to give an account of all what they did in their lives.

    One of the things you hear/read the most these days when the topic is Michael Jackson’s death is: R.I.P., i.e. rest in peace. I wonder what kind of “peace” they mean… Have they not known that God says:

    “There is no peace for the wicked,” says the LORD.” (Isaiah 48:22)

    You can’t have real Peace if you are still not reconciled with God and you live in sin.

    Grace be with you!
    Disciple of Jesus Christ

  2. soldierofChrist777 says:

    Yes, that’s true. I regularly notice a pattern among humans everytime an unrepentant sinner dies: that no matter the sins this person committed in his life, and despite the fact that he kept on rejecting (till his death) the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ, there will always be people who say “Rest In Peace” to him upon his death. It doesn’t matter what he did, people want to think that he was still a good person worthy of being in heaven (despite some of the bad and terrible things he might’ve done in his life). And while I do wish every human would come to God in repentance and, thus, be saved, I know that not everyone chooses to repent and, therefore, not everyone will enter heaven upon death. And this is something we must understand, no matter how hard it can be for many of us to accept this.
    People like Michael Jackson who live shameless lives of debauchery and such, continually rejecting God’s grace till the end, are not worthy of being in heaven with God, plus they show that they don’t want to spend eternity with Him. They want to be somewhere where God isn’t because, unfortunately, that’s how much they hate Him.
    This isn’t easy to say, but this is the truth. It simply doesn’t make sense to say “Rest In Peace” to anyone who dies, as it is not up to us to determine whether or not the dead are in peace. It’s up to God. God alone judges, and He sees that everyone apart from Jesus Christ is wicked and deserves no peace. For how can you be good when you refuse to be in Jesus?

  3. Nash Fouad says:

    Dear brother,
    I wonder if you like me to share with you the below Arabic devotional, that relates to the above post.
    God bless you.

    جاكسـون ممســوخا

    أذكروا مرشـديكم الذين كلموكم بكلمة الله. أنظـروا إلى نهاية سـيرتهم فتمثلوا بإيمانهم
    عبرانيين 7:13

    رغـم أننا على صـورة الله، إلا أننا نجتهد، بدافع الجـهل أو عدم الأكتفاء، في رسـم صـورة أخرى لأنفسـنا
    صـورة للأسـف زائفة، ولكنها ملموسـة ومصـدقة من العالم الشـاهد علينا بالعيان
    قرأت عن تجربة مدرسـية، طلب فيها من التلاميذ أن يكتبوا تأبينهم بأنفسـهم، كي يتخيلوا ما يبغون أن يتذكرهم به أحباءهم بعد رحيلهم
    لذا يركضون نحو المجالات المختلفة، المال والمركز والشـهرة والنسـب والموضـة والرياضـة والتعليم وغيرها
    ويمعنون في خلق أنطباع مميز لدى الناس عن نمط حياتهم ككل، مما يسـمى بالصـيت أو السـيرة

    يفوتنا أن صـورة الله غير المعابة لاتفوقها صـورة مغلوطة من صـنعنا
    ويفوتنا أن سـيرتنا في العالم متاحة لتدخل الآخرين
    فالعالم يتذوق سـيرتنا الأرضـية كما يروق له
    كما فعل دان براون بدافنشـي في شـفرة دافنشـي بعد 5 قرون من رحيله
    وها مايكل جاكسـون ينزوي عن الحضـور، بعدما طمث تماما صـورة الله فيه، وذهب إليه ماسـخا ممسـوخا
    حفر صـيتا في ذاكرة العالم، فلم يكن له مع صـاحب الصـورة الأصـلية نصـيب

    لنا الخيار، فإما أن نشـكل سـيرتنا بما يسـر العالم فنلتصـق بالتراب
    وإما أن يشـكلها روح الرب، فتكون نموذجا لأولاده بعدنا

    نشــأت فـؤاد

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