Authorities and God

(Romans 13:1) “Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.”

We are to be obedient to our superior authorities for every authority which exists is established by God. However, when the authorities require of us to do something against God’s Word or Will, they themselves are not being obedient according to the call for which God has put them. In such a case, of course, we must obey God’s Word for He alone is the Sovereign ruler of the universe. For obeying their disobedience means disobeying God.

On earth, God has instituted four major authorities and they are as follow; the government over all citizens, the church over all believers, the parents over all their children and the employers over all their employees. All these authorities derive from and are defined by God. He instituted them to reward good and to restrain sin in this evil fallen world.

In this chapter of Romans, the Apostle Paul tells us if we resist the authority, we have opposed the ordinance of God. And if we do such a thing, we will receive condemnation upon ourselves. But, if we do what is good, we will have praise from them.

Paul also goes on telling us to render to all what is due to them, to love one another, for love does no wrong to a neighbour; therefore it is the fulfillment of the law. This is a wake-up call for us to awaken from sleep; for now salvation is much nearer.

The Apostle invites us to behave properly as in the day, NOT sinfully. Paul urges us to put on Christ and make no provision for the lusts of the flesh.

Dear reader, please read carefully this devotional and take the time to meditate on all of it, and I also encourage you to read the whole chapter 13 of the Epistle to the Romans.

Peace and Love of the Lord Jesus be with you all,


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