An email from a Mormon

“Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many.” (Matthew 24:11)

This was one of the warnings the Lord gave us about the latter days… Many false prophets arise and mislead not just a few, but many. Humans by nature love lie and are “haters of God” (Romans 1:30), therefore they are misled by the lies of the false prophets, “because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved.” (2 Thessalonians 2:10). And it is just as the Apostle warned us: “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires”(2 Timothy 4:3)

A group of false prophets of these latter days calls itself “the Latter-Day Saints” and is known by the name “Mormons”. And indeed, they call themselves “Saints”, because the Lord also warned: “But beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but within are ravening wolves. By their fruits ye shall know them. Do [men] gather a bunch of grapes from thorns, or from thistles figs?” (Matthew 7:15-16) These “Saints” will not tell you of course that their fruits are that they preach “a different gospel; which is really not another; only there are some who are disturbing you and want to distort the gospel of Christ” (Galatians 1:6-7) and thus they bring on themselves the curse of God’s Word (read Galatians 1:8-9); that they deny the true God of the Bible; that they hate the Word of God and replace it with a human writing called “Book of Mormon” which is not written by any prophet or Apostle and which is like those writings of the Gnostics that were written by false prophets and that claimed to be “gospels”…

Now, I wanted to make this short introduction, because we never wrote about the Mormons before now on this blog. But the main subject of this article is an email that we received from a Mormon. I want to discuss the content of this email and to give a brief answer to the author of this email who presented himself as Stephen Douglas. As he mentioned a disciple of Christ who works publicly on Facebook, and as he didn’t hide his real name and his email address from the public on Facebook, and as he sent the attached document to us asking the concerned disciple of Christ to discuss it with him publicly, so he gives us the right to use his email and its content in our public discussions about evangelism (as he mentioned that Christian) and about Mormonism.

So first of all, I give you an image of the received email: Click here to read the email sent to us from Stephen Douglas.

As the subject-title of this email indicates, Stephen Douglas sends a document about Mormonism, and as I explained above, he asks Jacob† on Facebook to discuss it publicly with him. Of course, the document is a Word document sent as an attachment in the email.

And the first thing to notice in this email, and with Mormons in general, is their defensive attitude of a victim who tries to defend his innocence and to accuse others of being in error and of being servants of deceit. Of course, according to him, his document is a “True Christian Manuscript”… As we saw above, false prophets do much effort to look like sheep, so they come to us in sheep’s clothing; therefore he cares to make us accept that his manuscript is a “true Christian” manuscript… And who asserts that claim of a “true Christian”? A man called Stephen Douglas whom of course we don’t know personally…

Dear Stephen, we first thank you for this email and for the attached document. We thank you for having this confidence in us to send us your interesting manuscript and to give us the permission to discuss it publicly. It will help us in our documentation about Mormonism, especially that it comes from a Mormon who says he’s a preacher and a teacher of the doctrines of Mormonism as he presents a detailed explanatory manuscript about that cult.

We certainly are not obliged to disclose to you the identity of Jacob† and we don’t think you need to know whether Jacob Bishop is a pseudonym or a real name. Of course you remember what Judas Iscariot did to our Lord, and we hope that you don’t advise us to have the same attitude of Judas towards the brethren. And you can explain why it is so important for you to know whether Jacob Bishop is a pseudonym or a real name, and we may discuss that with you. Besides, we don’t see what’s wrong in being “secretive” online, especially that our Lord said: “Behold, I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves; be therefore prudent as the serpents, and guileless as the doves.” (Matthew 10:16); and He had a very important reason when “he enjoined on his disciples that they should say to no man that he was the Christ.” (Matthew 16:20) And I want you to note that you said you won’t cast judgment on the motives of Jacob† for keeping his email private, and yet you judged and said that this means his name is probably a pseudonym… Please, be consistent.

As for Jacob† calling Mormonism a cult, I don’t see how that is an insult. Would you please explain to us how having a good discernment and telling you the truth about the false way that you are following is an insult? Does the doctor insult you if he tells you for example that you should stop smoking as that is bad for your health? Do you think you insult Jacob† when you ask our “organization” to counsel him on how to communicate with people in order to be more effective? Don’t you ask that because you want the best for Jacob†? Or are you just slandering and accusing him?… You know what the Scripture calls Satan: “the accuser of our brethren… he who accuses them before our God day and night.” (Revelation 12:10)… Do you feel insulted when you see the following signs:

Warning signs

These signs are not made to insult you, of course… unless you like to hurt yourself… And the “No Smoking” sign is not made to insult smokers, but we usually hear the slaves of cigarettes complaining when they see that sign… So the warnings of the children of God are not intended to hurt you or to insult you, but to warn you about the dangers of lies that lead you to eternal damnation. On the contrary, if a Christian do not warn you, you should come and complain to us, as that will make us worry about the spiritual condition of that Christian… If he doesn’t warn you, then he doesn’t love you. And you should know what the Book of Proverbs says: “Open rebuke is better than hidden love. Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are profuse.” (Proverbs 27:5-6) Indeed, true love “does not rejoice at iniquity but rejoices with the truth” (1 Corinthians 13:6) So Jacob† should ask you now: “So have I become your enemy by telling you the truth?” (Galatians 4:16)

As for Jacob† calling you a coward, we should see the context of the conversation to see what exactly was the topic. But of course it is a characteristic of Mormons to hide their true teachings from the general public, as they are afraid to reveal their true identity, as we have seen above about false prophets. It is a well known characteristic of Mormons that they don’t have a common and unique creed, but each of them may very easily disagree with another and claim that his or her doctrine is the true one… So it serves you well not to publish your explanatory document, but to send it by personal emails. Indeed, the sole fact that you send your manuscript in such a personal way by email, and you don’t publish it, makes us question your motives. And as you insist that you are “a novice at computers”, so our question marks multiply… Missing a response to your offer doesn’t necessarily mean you’re “a novice at computers”, so I wonder why you want us to conclude that necessarily. Why should we not conclude that you didn’t like the way Jacob† responded to your offer, for example?…

As for leadership in our “organization”, I would like to invite you to read the name of this site again. We are disciples of Jesus Christ, and we work as one body, as members of the one Church which is the body of Christ. This work that you see is the work of the Lord, and none of us claims ownership of it, as it belongs to the Lord. That’s why the site is named “Disciple of Jesus Christ” and not “Disciples” in plural. We are led by the Spirit of Christ who is our ONLY Leader, and no one of us is part of this leadership. Christ alone is our Master and Teacher, and we are brothers and sisters in Christ. The Lord has given us gifts to use them to His Glory, and we are on the internet to serve Him alone and to be witnesses of His Love and Salvation. And there are many Christians whom we don’t know personally who work on the internet for the Glory of our Beloved; any of them may very easily call this site “our site”, as it belongs to His Lord.

Of course, we take any comment about our way of witnessing very seriously, and we pray that the Lord teach us day after day more how to witness according to His Will, without compromising the truth for the sake of claps from the world, for our Lord said: “Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for their fathers used to treat the false prophets in the same way.” (Luke 6:26) When you are a false prophet and you adulterate the Word of God, people will love you, as they love deceit and they hate the truth of God. But if you tell lies, the children of God will hate your works, as true love does not rejoice at iniquity. So we thank you for your comment about the way we witness, and we take it and consider it very seriously.

I want you also to understand that we, Christians, do not claim to reach out to save errant souls, as you say. The Word of God teaches that no human can save any other human, and the work of Salvation is wholly the work of God. Our role is to sow the good Seed. Although it is true that the servant of the Lord should imitate Christ, and yet our weaknesses do not hinder those who really want to do the Will of God. The power is in the Word of God, and not in us. In other terms, we are not supposed to entertain you and to make you feel happy about what we tell you in order to “save” you. We should tell you the truth. Only this Seed of the truth can save you, not us.

So please don’t suggest to us to rob Christ’s cross of its offense, as the Gospel is not a product that we want to sell to you, and you’re not a consumer who wants to buy and whom we want to please in order to convince him to buy our product. We won’t encourage you in the false traditions of men that you follow, just as the Lord Jesus didn’t encourage the Pharisees in their false human traditions, and He didn’t care to please them by agreeing with them, as man cannot “save” people by building on lies. And we don’t want sympathetic ears that love lies rather than the truth.

Thank you for reading this article. I pray that we will have a constructive e-conversation. If the Lord wills and we live, we will read the manuscript that you sent, and we will answer the main points by the Grace of the Lord.

Grace be with you!
Disciple of Jesus Christ


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11 Responses to An email from a Mormon

  1. Stephen Douglas says:

    Well, alrighty then! Let’s get to it. You are going on and on, not answering my text. You just addressed my request for you to reveal your true identity and taking issue with my terminology, holding me to your interpretation of what I said about saving souls. Of course humans do not save souls! But the Lord requires us to warn our neighbor, does He not? We are to go into all the world, to preach His word, as you claim to do. So, don’t make an issue of a non-issue and get to my manuscript. I am certain your readers would like you to get on with it as well. And for the record, Stephen Douglas is my given birth name. I do not hide behind pseudonyms. Stop with all the Cloak and Dagger already.

  2. Dear Stephen,

    Now, I am not surprised that you assumed all those things about Jacob†, as it seems that you always rush to make quick conclusions. The proof is that you speak about your text not being answered, although we have began to give you our answer step by step as we promised. You surely don’t expect us to reply to the whole of your long document in few days. It took you a long time to write it, so why don’t you expect us to take some time to reply to it? Besides, your text is full of misunderstandings and errors with each line that need to be addressed each in an article. So our work is longer than your unprofessional work. Without forgetting that we don’t just reply to your text in our life: we have many other issues to address, as Mormonism is not the only lie that threatens souls in this world.

    For now, I would like to call your attention to the fact that, at the time when you submitted your comment on this article, there was already on our blog the following reply to your text:

    Mormons confess that they are NOT evangelical Christians

    And if you want to follow the new replies to your text, you can visit our blog from time to time to see the new posts. You can also subscribe to our posts by email for free as indicated on the right sidebar of the page of the blog. And to make sure you don’t miss anything, you can always go directly to the following page:

    Religious Movements

    On this page, you can find the section about Mormonism, and in it we have all the topics that we treat about this cult. For now, we are replying to your text, and you will find the link to each reply in that section as soon as it is published on the blog.

    And once again, if you are interested in showing the content of your manuscript to the public even before we reply to it, you can make it as soon as possible, as the free tools are available on the internet.

    And before I close this reply, I would like to remind you that this article was a reply to your email and an introduction to Mormonism and to the coming replies to your manuscript. So it’s not true that we addressed non-issues. We gave you the needed reply and comments to your email that reveals your heart, as we have seen in the article.

    May the Lord bless you richly and lead your steps toward His true knowledge. Amen.

    Grace be with you!
    Disciple of Jesus Christ

    P.S.: Usually, when you see this signature “Disciple of Jesus Christ” at the end of the text, this means that you are reading a reply or comment in the name of the whole blog. However, sometimes any member can sign as “Disciple of Jesus Christ”, as any member who works with us can call this site “our site”, as we explained in the article. This is made more evident in the posted articles that are signed by some other member while under the title you read that it is posted by “Disciple of Jesus Christ”. We work with one heart and one mind in Christ Jesus, even if sometimes we may disagree on few points. We put all our human weaknesses and misunderstandings under the feet of our Savior, and thus you see this coherent work of the Lord that is done by His Grace alone.

  3. Jacob† says:

    As for Jacob† calling you a coward, we should see the context of the conversation to see what exactly was the topic.

    Well, I will just give you the words of his comment on Facebook, and you conclude. Stephen said:

    I have a Biblical response for you, Jacob. It is in the form of a Microsoft Word file. If you are interested in truth about what we LDSs really believe, I will send it to you. Or you can continue with your typical hit and run, cut and paste, “arguments.” I will be surprised to hear from you, because most of your “brothers” are dishonest, closed-minded, and afraid to read something that might actually try their faith and answer their claims against us.

    Stephen says others are insulting him when they tell him the truth, while he thinks it’s loving to tell them that they are “dishonest, closed-minded, and afraid” without any proof. 🙂

    Be in Peace! 🙂

  4. Stephen Douglas says:

    When I said your “brothers,” I was referring to other Evangelical Christians, such as the current Evangelical Chaplain of San Diego Police, Herb Smith. I gave him a copy of the chapter of the Plan of Salvation of my manuscript and he never got back to me. I have given copies to several pastors of Evangelical Churches and have never heard from them.

    Frankly, all any of your readers has to do is read your anonymous posts on Facebook’s “Disproving Mormonism” and or “Joseph Smith, the Prophet.” They can read how selective responses to some points and ignorance of other points is consistent with most of your Evangelical brethren. There is no need for all this back and forth.

    By the way, which segment of your site do I need to view to see the responses to my manuscript? Forgive me if I am relatively new to internet and site access. Hey, I just got a cell phone just a couple years ago.

  5. Jacob† says:

    False witness from Stephen. As usual… Anyways, thank you for admitting that you indeed call people “dishonest, closed-minded, etc.” in their absence, while you are upset if people tell you the truth about the wrong way that you are following.

    Please, take the time to read the replies in this article, as you were already told how to find the replies to your famous manuscript. 🙂

    Be in Peace! 🙂

  6. soldierofChrist777 says:

    Stephen, you say that you’re a cop, right? Why do you embarrass yourself as a cop by bearing false witness against us? Isn’t bearing false witness a sin in the eyes of God?

    It’s important that you make sure that what you wish to say is 100% true before you say it. Nobody from here posts in the Facebook group called “Joseph Smith, the Prophet”. If you think we’re lying, please provide us with proofs.

    It’s a good thing you’re not a detective, friend. People would’ve been endangered by your poor detecting skills.

  7. Stephen Douglas says:

    I will apologize for erroneously recollecting your input on “Joseph Smith, the Prophet.” That was Carmenn Massa. Since his style and anonymity without a picture of anyone until recently was similar to Geawergios, I confused them. If that makes me a liar instead of a human being capable of mistakes, then I guess you have cast your judgment and can continue with your accusations of me bearing false witness. So, I invite your readers to just go to Disproving Mormonism to make their own judgment.

    And your insult about my detecting skills does not bother me. I have put plenty of bad people in jail and had convictions, which have stood. I am secure in my ability to, although not perfectly, adequately enforce law and protect people.

  8. SoldierofChrist777 says:

    At least you confessed your error of falsely assuming that this guy called Carmenn (who we know nothing about) is one of us. For that, I commend you. Now time for you to confess your error of assuming that Jacob and Geawergios are the same person. We’re waiting for your next confession.

  9. Stephen Douglas says:

    I already told you, I don’t believe they are the same person, nor do I believe only one person writes for each of them. I believe there are several writers who use each pseudonym, hence my nickname of Legion.

    I look for styles of speech/writing to see differences in persons. For example, whoever responded to my apology said, “falsely assuming that this guy called Carmenn…” That indicates someone who is less “English” than other posters I have read from your collective. The correct form is, “falsely presuming this guy called Carmenn…” For a group of people that likes to split hairs over words, I see the use of “assume” and the redundant “that” as a careless faux pas, as “assume” really means to take on something, not to jump to a conclusion. One assumes a position or a task or responsibility… or a pseudonym for that matter.

  10. Stephen Douglas says:

    Now let me hear you deny multiple writers/authors for either Jacob or Geawergios…

  11. Stephen, please stop embarrassing yourself.

    Grace be with you!
    Disciple of Jesus Christ

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