The magi worship Jesus

(Matthew 2:11) “After coming into the house they saw the Child with Mary His mother; and they fell to the ground and worshiped Him. Then, opening their treasures, they presented to Him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.”

As we can see together, the magi did not find Jesus in the stable where Jesus was born, but in the house with Mary His mother. It seems that this may have happened few months after Jesus was born and that was why when Herod understood that the magi were not coming back to reveal Jesus location to him, he became very upset and sent to slew all the male children from two years and under.

It is important that the magi worshiped when they found Jesus. We can read together in the verse we are studying that when the magi saw Jesus “they fell to the ground and worshiped Him“. God in His grace opened their eyes to something His own people did not see – that Jesus was God in human form.

The gifts of the magi presented to Jesus had special meanings. Gold and frankincense were characteristic gifts for king: gold is a precious metal which was a symbol of royalty, and frankincense an expensive fragrance which was often sprinkled on offerings in the temple and may have had additional meaning in signifying Jesus deity. On the other hand, myrrh was an unusual gift for a newborn king. It was a substance used in embalming the dead. This gift seems to indicate Jesus suffering and death.

God guided the magi to the infant Jesus. He also guided them in the choice of gifts to Him so that their blend would testify to the new King’s royalty, His deity, and His death on behalf of humanity.

May God also guide you to Christ, so you may embrace Him and tell others that you have accepted and received the one and only Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, Amen!


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