The sad case of our sister Christservant

Our beloved sister Christservant will not be able to write devotionals on this site anymore. Someone who is in the same local church where she is (an intruder who claims to be a true brother/sister in Christ) has threatened her and forced her not to post on this site and not to have any relations with us. I call the members and the pastor of her local church first to pray for her, and also to have good discernment and to beware of that false brother/sister who wants to destroy the work of Christ, refusing to repent. I will not mention his/her name. I hope there will be good discernment in that church and I hope they know something about church discipline…

We have discovered with the available means that the person who is doing this bad work is the same person who posted as “unknown” his hatred towards the truth in the article Heretical Marian worship. He then posted as “……” and as “Thomas” in the article Marriage: Pursuing Conformity to Christ in the Covenant. This work on this site is being attacked by those who hate the truth, and that is normal…

Our Lord said: “He who is not with Me is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me scatters.” (Matthew 12:30)

Those who do not gather with Him scatter…

We thank the Lord for all the beautiful devotionals that our sister wrote on this site, and we keep praying for her. In the times of trouble the good soil is revealed (cf. Matthew 13:3-23)…

And the work of the Lord continues on this site by His Grace.

Grace be with you!
Disciple of Jesus Christ


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4 Responses to The sad case of our sister Christservant

  1. Sandy says:

    Hey… wasn’t me

    I agree… Mary is way overated, and confused with the true Queen

    must forgive the demented brother, after all some people are way too obsessed with their version of the truth

    may the beloved sister be well !!

  2. Dear Sandy,

    First welcome to our weblog. It’s really encouraging to see you still interested in looking for the truth. You are still reading our articles, and I hope you will also consider your eternal destiny seriously. I remind the readers that Sandy is a male, and till now he didn’t tell us if he would like to reveal from where he comes. He commented on the article Are we already righteous or not? There he used another nickname, but we told him that we won’t accept two different nicknames for the same ip and the same email address. We chose the nickname “Sandy”, but if he wants to change it, he can, but that will be final.

    Now, concerning the blessed mother of our Lord, she is worshiped by those who refuse to accept the truth of God as revealed in His Word, the Bible. The Bible teaches us that Mary was a godly woman who obeyed the commandments of God, and we should follow the pattern that she followed if we are truly children of God. One of the commandments of God is not to have another god (a false god) before Him, and not to worship any creature. There is no god besides the Creator, so there is no Queen of Heaven as the Bible explains (cf. Jeremiah 7:18 and Jeremiah 44:15-30).

    As for the “brother” (or “sister”) about whom you are talking, he (or she) is not demented, and we would ask you to be careful not to begin to disrespect other people as is your habit. If you have anything to say about his/her behavior, then you can do it, but you can’t comment on his/her physical and mental abilities, as you don’t know him/her and as that shows a disrespect for their person. Our goal is to reveal the truth concerning a behavior or a teaching, and not to attack persons, as it is clear from the fact that we didn’t reveal the identity of the concerned person.

    Of course we should forgive the one who behaves in a bad way, but we should also disagree with his bad behavior. The Bible teaches us that true love hates evil and does not associate with it. True love is the love of righteousness. We should spread the light, and all works of darkness will be exposed. Indeed, this person is obsessed with his version of the truth, but the fact is that we should not accept human relative versions of the truth; we should only believe God who is the Truth. The truth is absolute.

    Thank you for your wish for our sister Christservant. I hope it’s honest…

    Grace be with you!
    Disciple of Jesus Christ

  3. AN ODE TO THOSE OF THE HARVEST by Christopher John Petersen.

    In those God hath invested,
    He shall not lose one;
    who’re understandingly prepared to take the plunge,
    and do the bidding of His Son.

    For they who believe in God’s Word,
    beyond a shadow of a doubt;
    seek those lost in the wilderness, and help
    them find the only way out.

    Of they shall come an hundred, fifty
    ten, or maybe just one;
    gathering those that are lost, to the flock of Christ
    God’s only begotten Son.

    For there is more rejoicing in Heaven,
    to the gathering of these ones;
    than for all of those that went not astray,
    from the flock that these foundlings do come.

    Because the mass of God increases, as one
    joins the body of Christ;
    and so all in Heaven celebrate, singing
    praises of sheer delight.

    Light comes not from darkness,
    nor does darkness come from light;
    if thou art filled with the Light that the Love of God brings,
    thou art truly a blessed sight.

    We are all, each out of sintax,
    in err, way over our head;
    when we repent and believe in Jesus Christ,
    it’s paid with the Blood that He shed.

    CHRIST is God’s only begotten Son, and
    I to Jesus have truly come;
    AN, another word for being one,
    and so a CHRISTIAN I’ve become.

    Finders keep us,
    in our Lord Jesus;
    Jesus keep us,
    as your reapers.

    My God through Jesus Christ save us all. A-MEN.

  4. UNDYING LOVE FOR A LOVE THAT IS DYING by Christopher John Petersen.

    The artist put himself to task,
    to realise a dream;
    and gathered up and set it so,
    it did not show a seam.

    with loving hands he polished it,
    and when each piece was done;
    he set it all in motion,
    giving life to every one.

    Then he put a keeper in it’s midst,
    and said “Watch over it”;
    then saw he company,
    and so of his breast did knit.

    then said “Come see what I’ve cast on,
    from a stitch across your heart;
    this stitch to remind both of you,
    that you should never part”.

    Now looking upon his loving work,
    behold it has been dashed;
    for some have come along, and with
    a tarnished brush have splashed;

    With fond filled fancies,
    of lavish meadows Green;
    of shimmering Sunkissed dewdrops,
    on countless blossoms sheen.

    An array of fossils and footsteps,
    of all pleasantries ever seen;
    now memories locked in teardrops,
    of all that once had been.

    Mother Earth, once plump and fruitful,
    laid waste by foolish schemes;
    left in the hands of ignorant caretakers,
    is now falling apart at the seams.

    All the artist’s beloved creations,
    have all but come and went;
    shall the Harvest Moon not bless our skies,
    ’til this beloved Earth is spent?

    Despondent over desolate spaces,
    we dream the poet’s dream;
    of living in tranquil places,
    with peace on Earth serene.

    To live in joyous frivolity,
    with nothing to bring us down;
    to look in all directions,
    and nay have cause to frown.

    May God help us to understand and respect all that is given us A-MEN

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