A Letter To My Sisters On Modesty — by Anna Wood

Dear Sisters In Christ,

Immodesty, like most forms of sin, is rarely spoken of today. Freedom to do as one pleases is the benchmark of the American church; freedom to dress as we please naturally follows for many women.

Listening to the siren call of the world, the modern church has painted our Christianity with far too broad a stroke. Once the Holy Writ was considered inerrant and infallible and we in the church held a high view of God and an exalted view of His holiness. That time is no more.

With few godly men to guide us, many women have fallen for the lie that freedom lies in discarding the better part of our clothing. Not only have we sinned against a Holy God but we have also sold ourselves short and tarnished the dignity of womanhood. Wrapping our value up in the ability to wear a swimsuit is diminishing to us indeed.

Modern women seldom seem to want to hear counsel concerning their manner of dress. Many in our churches wear immodest clothing even to the worship services and are proud of it; it is hard to reach such a one without them believing you to be hampering their “freedom in Christ”. So they refuse to heed and go on their way, arraying their bodies in the clothing of a harlot.

Freedom in Christ is misunderstood by them (and by most in the modern church). Christ didn’t come so that He might offer us freedom to do as we please and do it in His Holy Name. He came to give us freedom from sin; not to grant us freedom to sin. When we dress our bodies immodestly we are sinning against our Holy Lord.

We are also sinning against our brothers in Christ and against the lost. What a skewed picture we paint of Christianity when we offer the world a portrait of life with few rules, lots of fun, much frivolity, freedom to do what we want and heaven to boot. That’s what they think they already have (except they aim for heaven on earth rather than the eternal one) so why should they listen to us? Concerning our brothers in Christ we have done them a great disservice, indeed. To confront a man who is coming to worship his Lord with a vision of womanly flesh is sin; God will not hold such a woman guiltless.

Though the root of self grows deep still there are some women who, if guided, will change and there are some tender hearts among the young just waiting to be led. Many simply lack the knowledge that what they are doing is wrong or the guidance to understand where the line ought to be drawn. The time to stand up and speak out is now. We are to be out doing our Father’s business. Reach out in truth to the women and young ladies that you know; there are some who will listen. Meanwhile, I am praying for you to be led, for hearts to opened, for truth to prevail.

In Christ Who cannot fail,


By Anna Wood @ http://annawood.wordpress.com/
Copyright © Modesty: The Forgotten Virtue


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2 Responses to A Letter To My Sisters On Modesty — by Anna Wood

  1. Ezell says:

    But what measures modesty against immodesty? Is it culture? In placed like africa where it’s considered in some parts ‘normal’ to be topless and bald as a woman and things like that… And what about modesty in men also?

  2. Dear Ezell,

    Modesty is not measured, but it is in the nature of those who are born of God. Just as you can’t measure love, you also can’t measure modesty. When a girl or a woman is modest (is a Christian), she knows how to obey the commandment to be modest. Every girl knows what is shameful to expose to the public, and every girl knows why she wears what she wears. The Christian girl wears according to the Spirit, to please God.

    And we should not look to humans and to their cultures to decide what modesty is, because humans are fallen in sin; we are fallen creatures. We should be enlightened by God’s Word instead. The Africans are humans, and those who are naked publicly reflect our fallen nature and our disobedience to God’s Law.

    As for modesty in men, it is surely important. But there is a reason why God has addressed in the Bible the matter of men lusting for women (and not women lusting for men, although that also happens), and the matter of women being modest (and not men being modest, although that also is important). It’s because the body of a woman is made in a way to be attractive to the man’s sight, and man is made in a way that, after our fall in sin, he is moved to lust by the mere sight of the body of a woman, while that’s not the case with women. So there is a difference between manhood and womanhood, and there also should be a difference when we address the issue of modesty. Women are more concerned in the modesty issue, as you know.

    And welcome to this blog, Ezell. Please, keep sharing your thoughts.

    Grace be with you!
    Disciple of Jesus Christ

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