A letter to Lady Gaga

Dear Stefani,

This is a letter written by someone who loves you and wants the best for you, so I hope you read it.

In all your videos, I see how sad and frustrated you are. I see how much you have been abused and misled, especially about the true God, the God of the Bible. I don’t know what exactly happened in your past that made you be so interested in attacking God’s Word, but I care to know how I can help if you permit. Your video about Judas and Jesus shows how much you have been misled concerning the true facts. In all such videos I see your hidden cry addressed to Christians to push them to have a reaction towards your attitude… I see how much you are thirsty for the truth and for unconditional love. Your tears in “Bad Romance” express your sadness and your frustration very well…

Is it true that you defend homosexuality because that’s the way homosexuals are born and it is very good according to you? I know: this also is a wrong way of evaluating how we are born… As your song says, your mom used to tell you that you are very good the way you are and that you should love yourself as you are, while at the same time she was putting your lipstick on… Do you see where we get our wrong understandings?… If you’re very good the way you are, and if you should accept yourself the way you are, then why do you need the lipstick?… Were you born with a lipstick?… Is this failure to accept yourself as you are the reason why you mutilate your natural beauty with all that bizarre make up and those abnormal clothes that you put on? You are hurting very much, dear Stefani, and you can’t hide it… Your face shows it; your movements reveal it; your songs express it.

What you need is the love of God. I know they have misrepresented Him to you, and you have not known Him. But please let me help you know Him as He really is. Your sins are killing you and are separating you from God. I know your misery, because I am a human like you. We all are in need of the real Peace that Christ alone can give. So I understand your misery, Stefani. I don’t know if you will read these lines and will want to have a talk with me, but I know for sure that I will be praying for you that you turn from your darkness to the true light of life, and I believe at least some of those who will read this letter will be praying for your salvation.



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