1. We do not automatically endorse or agree with any content of other websites to which we link anywhere on this blog. Often links are for the purpose of illustrating or proving arguments made in posts.

2. Furthermore, the fact that some users post their real name in questions or in any comment does not mean that they are members who work with us on this blog and/or have any direct personal relation with us.

3. Although the Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter pages of this mission are linked to this blog, yet they are distinct ministries and are administered separately.

4. The admins or even the different workers of the different parts of this brotherhood/mission are changed from time to time, and we do not always make the change evident. This has happened more than once in the past.

5. None of the workers on this blog is a leader. We are all brothers and sisters, and the Lord Jesus is our Teacher and Leader. Yet each of our workers is in principle committed to his/her local church, with all what that means biblically. Note that we call “worker” on this blog (or on any ministry linked to this blog) any brother or sister who works directly or indirectly with us, whether by writing articles and/or posts, or giving ideas about topics that should be studied, or helping in any other way, according to the gifts that the Lord gives to each one of us by His Spirit.

6. The opinions expressed in this blog do not necessarily represent the views of all contributors. But the blog’s administration bears responsibility for the facts and opinions contained in the posts of all contributors, even if the admins do not agree on every detail contained in every post. Generally we agree, but some contributors may sometimes have slightly different ways of expression or doctrinal nuances.

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