Urgent to read to avoid false teachings:

Answer to a Mormon’s manuscript:Bible light

An email from a Mormon

Mormons confess that they are NOT evangelical Christians

Mormons confess that they are “open minded” in the interpretation of the Word of God

Some scandals of Mormonism

Should we associate with the Mormons?

Did Adam have to choose between two sins?

Chapter one: About God
Was the Church ignorant about the Nature of God?

The confusion about the catholic Church

Did Athanasius tell the Church who her God is?

The confusion of Mormons

Is the Church one in purpose or in substance?

The God of the Old Testament?

Chapter two: The Plan of Salvation
How to be saved?

Mormons desperately want to be considered Christians…

Are we the creatures of God, or His natural children?

Fullness of joy in the body?…

Sovereignty of Agency?…

Who is the Savior?

The Mormon god has a body…

Mormons believe our spirits existed before they came to existence…

Mormons think there is a purpose for our creation greater than the Glory of God…

Mormons teach that humans are gods by nature…

Mormons prefer if people could be saved without Christ…

Mormons deny eternal punishment in Hell

Mormons believe people may repent and be forgiven in Hell…

The Mormon confusion about the resurrection of the dead

Mormons’ false gospel of salvation by our righteousness and our faithfulness

Mormons’ confusion about God’s Justice

The Mormon god hates people who rebelled in an imaginary pre-existence…

Mormons’ unholy god of endless opportunities…

The Mormons’ god cannot perfectly forgive adultery and murder…

Mormons’ confusion about Revelation 12

A Mormon blasphemy: “Satan was a spirit brother of Christ”…

Mormons deny the creation

A total misunderstanding of Election and Predestination, and of what sin is

Chapter Three: Scripture
An introduction to the Mormon misunderstanding of the Canon of Scripture

Mormons think they have the right to add to the closed Canon

Are there inspired Scriptures that were lost?

Restoration of the Gospel?

What the Bible says about Joseph Smith — Was he a true prophet?

The Book of Mormon fails the test of canonicity

The real reason behind Joseph Smith’s lies

Chapter Four: The Church
Total confusion concerning the Church and the New Covenant

Chapter Five: The Melchizedek Priesthood
Christ is not our ONLY High Priest, according to Mormon theology

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Blameless in Christ… not legalists…

The relation between justification and sanctification

What is the law of Christ?

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