Roman Catholicism and similar heresies

Urgent to read to avoid false teachings:

Note: By “Roman Catholicism” we do not mean the catholic (or universal) Church which is the whole visible Church of Christ which is one and which is represented by the different local churches (see the Creed,) but we mean the heretical non-biblical teachings of the system of Vatican or Rome (and systems similar to Rome) that insists on refusing any reformation according to the Word of God, thus being in apostasy. Many local churches of the visible Church follow Rome in this error and thus are in apostasy. Even many local churches that are called Protestant or Evangelical are in similar and worse apostasy, therefore we refuse to be falsely accused to be that kind of Protestants or Evangelicals just for the fact of opposing the heretical teachings of Rome. Before you assume anything about us, please read About us. A picture of these heretical teachings is found in the heretical teaching of the Nicolaitans, and the Lord calls such people to repentance or else He will make war against them with His Word:

“So you also have some who in the same way hold the teaching of the Nicolaitans.
‘Therefore repent; or else I am coming to you quickly, and I will make war against them with the sword of My mouth.”
(Revelation 2:15-16)

What we do in this section is to use this Word of God with love to call our beloved to repent from all teachings that are in opposition to the Word of God. Some among Roman Catholics and similar traditional churches are true brothers and sisters in Christ who need to learn the biblical truth more deeply and precisely. This section is not to judge who is truly a disciple of Christ and who is not, but to declare the truth about some biblical truths that the Romans Catholic church and similar systems contradict. Note well that admitting that some in those false systems are true brothers and sisters in Christ does not at all mean that the systems in which they presently are can be considered truly Christian, and/or that staying in those systems and/or agreeing with them is not wrong and does not call for a self-examination in the concerned individuals to see if they are in the Faith.

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